March Meeting – AGM, a New Committee and a WI Baby!

This was well attended, with 29 members present.  As it was our first AGM, Ruth Bond OBE and Sally Kingman also attended to help us out.  Reports of the year’s events and financial statement were given.  The election of the new committee and voting for the President were held. Janice Layer was duly elected as our new President.

Many thanks to our outgoing President, Deborah Record, Secretary, Carol Grenz, Treasurer, Carole Lyne, and all the committee for their wonderful, hard work in establishing our WI over the past year. They created a warm, welcoming WI, with a varied and interesting program of events.

Isla and presentsThe new committee is larger than the previous one, with 12 members elected. The aim is to share out the roles and responsibilities more evenly.

Great news! We have our first WI baby! Emma and John Heras are excited to announce the arrival of Isla Molly on 18th March, weighing 8lbs 13oz! Everyone is doing well.

Thank you to the many members of the knitting groups who made lovely presents for Isla. Here she is, enjoying them!



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